• Ask them if they are Choking - this is to gauge the severity.
  • Shout for help, but don't leave them.
  • Encourage them to cough.
  • 5 firm back slaps between the shoulder blades with the palm of your hand.
  • 5 abdominal thrusts performed from behind the patient, make a fist with one hand and place it under their ribs.
  • Grasp the fist with your other hand.
  • Pull sharply, upwards and inwards.
  • Check that the obstruction has been cleared.
  • Continue until obstruction is cleared or ambulance personnel have arrived and are with you.
  • If casualty falls unconscious and is not breathing - lay them on their back and start CPR 30:2




All of our Instructors at First Aid Southampton are qualified to teach and are off duty full time Emergency Service Personnel.

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