Lunch Time Supervisors


Lunch Time Supervisors and Administrators are the back bone to all First Aid within schools. They are normally overlooked and are not given any or insufficient training compared to Teachers and Head Teachers. If a private company had 15-30 cases of first aid patients every lunch time there would be an investigation by the HSE. Yet in schools these numbers are expected but are insufficiently catered for.  We have along with our clients written a course for Lunch Time Supervisors and have rolled this out across Southampton to very positive feedback. This course is not part of Ofqual. It is a FirstAidSouthampton attendance course. It does not aline with HSE or replace the need for 1 or 3 day first aid course but what it does do is provide a "Gold Standard" as an addition to your current first aid.

We have trained approx over 300 Lunch Time Supervisors across Southampton.



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All of our Instructors at First Aid Southampton are qualified to teach and are off duty full time Emergency Service Personnel.

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